Cracking the IR Code: Your Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Interventional Radiology Coding

Written by Stacie L. Buck, RHIA, CCS-P, RCC, RCCIR, CIRCC

Whether you are searching for a comprehensive interventional radiology coding reference book or you are searching for an easy to understand reference so you can learn interventional radiology coding this book is for you! 

The majority of users rate Cracking the IR Code a “10” on a scale of  1-10. Also 95% of customer survey respondents stated they consider Cracking the IR Code “above average” when compared to radiology coding references published by our competitors. 

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Stacie L. BuckStacie L. Buck, RHIA, CCS‐P, RCC, RCCIR, CIRCC is pleased to announce publication of her book Cracking the IR Code: Your Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Interventional Radiology Coding. This book is perfect for those with little or no knowledge of IR coding. It provides a comprehensive introduction to interventional radiology to assist coders in understanding the complexities of interventional radiology coding. This guide is perfect for individuals who desire to earn their specialty credential for interventional radiology coding.


This guide features over 800 pages of content including:

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The focus of this book is providing instruction on how to correctly assign interventional radiology codes. This guide does not cover reimbursement and payment of these procedures.

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Here is what some of our customers have to say about Cracking the IR Code:

“Stacie’s Cracking the IR Code book has changed my life! I only had 14 months of experience in coding Diagnostic Radiology when I purchased her book. After self-studying Stacie’s book on and off for about 5 months I took and passed the CIRCC on my first attempt! When I passed the CIRCC I had a total of 18 months of experience in coding; if I can pass the CIRCC with little to no experience due to Stacie’s guidance, so can you! I still reference her book on a daily basis.”

“Just want to drop a note to thank you! Your Cracking the IR code book made all the difference for me in passing my CIRCC exam. It is also a great resource that I rely on daily in my job. Thank you!!”

“I purchased this after I took the CIRCC, if I had known about this resource beforehand it would have made the test a lot less stressful! The anatomical charts are beautiful! It is down to earth and I utilize it daily. I am so grateful for this. Thank you!! For anyone coding IR I would suggest budgeting this into your yearly book purchases probably-well worth it.”

“If I did not have this book I would not have passed my CIRCC. It is great for beginners but is a great reference book for anyone. I call it my Bible!”

“Your reference manual “Cracking the IR Code” is FANTASTIC! Thanks for making a reference that is pragmatic, easy to interpret, and beyond informative. A real “go-to” tool.”

“I just have to complement you on your book Cracking the IR Code ! It’s an amazing informative book and worth every penny I spent! I was really worried about the cost, but I can honestly say it has already helped me and I have had it less then a month. I highly recommend this book ! Just saying!”


“Honestly there isn’t anything not to like about this manual. I really like the face that each chapter builds on the previous chapter which makes it so east to understand and follow. The quick reference tables are an added bonus.”

“The best ever!  As mentioned before, broken down in easy to understand terms with several examples, is a tremendous help.”

“Extensive reports and great explanations. The best out there.”

“The book is very straightforward and easy to understand for a beginner.”

“The clarity of all the information. My goodness, so easy to understand!”

“Very thorough. Love the reference sheets and the diagrams.”

“It has become our “Bible” or “go to” reference in the office.”

“I love, love, love this book!”

“Very informative with great graphics and coding guidelines with examples.”

“Cracking the IR Code is a must for anyone interested in breaking into IR Coding.”

“The entire book is laid our great. Very easy to look up a specific subject to review guidelines and information.”

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“I really like the lay out and comprehensive subject matter.”

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