If you are looking to obtain your CIRCC or just expand your knowledge in the Interventional Radiology world I would recommend taking Stacie’s Course! She is an expert in breaking the procedures down from head to toe in a way that makes it easy to learn and hard to forget! Her course is broken down into detailed sections where you will first read about the procedures with a book you will receive with the program. Then following this she will go over the section further with a video. Not one of those typical lecture videos, where you want to fall asleep. NO! A video that ACTUALLY makes you feel like you’re sitting in a classroom but in your own space! She presents examples and has you perform a few scenarios yourself that she will go over (This is where a lot of the “Ah Ha!” moments happen as the gears get turned!). Within the program there is also a discussion space which I have to bring up! These are questions from all students that are in the program and Stacie answers them. The help here that is received is relational! Lastly, the charts that are in the program help with not only the exam, but in the job force making it effortless to code for common procedures.

This is an exceptional program, is most certainly worth the money to help you obtain your certificate with confidence! You will be an expert at the end of this! Thank you Stacie for creating this program and sharing your wealth of knowledge in this field!” 

Sarah Alsop, CPC, CIRCC

“I purchased the “Cracking the IR Code” program March of 2022. I was struggling to grasp many concepts until I heard the way that Stacie explains it. I went from not understanding IR, to passing the CIRCC exam in just a few months! Stacie is truly gifted in her ability to break it down and make it make sense. I am so glad I invested in this program, I am beyond grateful for Stacie’s ability to teach IR coding!” 

Layn Morris CPC, CIRCC

“I wanted to send you a review for your wonderful course! I had been trying to learn CIRCC coding from another reputable organization that was being paid for by my employer, but I was struggling. Learning by reading modules on a computer was not how I could learn, and I was becoming more and more frustrated. By chance I listened to a webinar by Stacie on selective catheterizations and suddenly it made sense! Then one day, after struggling again with the other modules, I talked to my husband with tears in my eyes saying I had to get “Cracking the IR Code” program by Stacie and RadRx, and I signed up that day. I couldn’t believe the difference! Her program is the best decision I ever made. Listening to her teach and work through everything made sense, it was like listening to a very knowledgeable friend teach you. The only tears I shed after that were happy tears when I passed the CIRCC test on the 1st try with a great score! I cannot recommend this course enough!” 

Rochelle R.

“I’ve been quietly concentrating on studying for the exam, so now I will share that I took the CIRCC exam on June 23rd in Myrtle Beach, SC and was thrilled to find out that I’d passed that difficult test! My IR & Cardiology coding knowledge and confidence have soared over these months. The book, “Cracking the IR Code” provided me with a coder-based perspective and explanations that made sense to me. As a final prep, I enrolled in the course, which enhances the book with focused modules, slides, and tests that cover everything I found on the exam. My studies with the book and the modules continue, so I can maintain what I’ve learned, get a deeper understanding of IR, and become proficient now that I have the foundation and the certification. It’s worth the time and effort.”

Wynn W.

“I completed Stacie’s course and I have to say, that this has to be THE best IR course/ seminar/program I have ever taken! Seriously, if you are interested in IR coding, this is THE course to take! Stacie has broken down each section into easy to understand terms, and gives quite a few examples during the audio portions too….I was sent to many seminars throughout the state, with experts in the field, and always left confused and really never learned much…no offense to the experts either! I think they were just trying to cram so much information into a 2 day course, that they had to go so fast. I was able to work at my own pace and could “rewind” Stacie’s video if needed. Again, I highly recommend this course to anyone willing to put in the time to do it!”

Rachel D.

“Stacie Buck’s, “Cracking the IR Code” Course was instrumental in helping me pass the CIRCC. The course was helpful because it spoke to so many different areas of Interventional Radiology in an easy to understand way. I loved how there was instructional webinars, post webinar exams to test knowledge, and case studies in her book with answer rationale. There was even a forum for students to post questions. I would recommend Stacie’s course for anyone who is looking to advance their career in Interventional Radiology Coding.”

Elowyn J.

“I love your IR course! It is just like being live in person with you — the recorded presentations coordinate with the book, doing the exercises and then going over the answer with you via presentation, and the Q&A forum — you have all angles covered. This is the best online course I’ve ever taken. Thank you.”

Jennifer K.

“I passed my CIRCC the first time with the assistance of your wonderful class. The material and webinars are presented in a manner that brings it down to a level so it is understandable to all. It was a worthy investment of time and money, You are the BEST IR teacher ever! I look forward to taking more of your classes in the future.”

Colleen I.

“I have taken other online training IR training courses which left me more confused & wondering if I was even capable of IR coding. Stacie makes it so easy to comprehend. The coding scenarios used in the online training program are hands down the best. I will continue to recommend this program to anyone interested in IR coding.”

Cheryl C.

“This program is the most thorough out there!!! Amazing! This was the perfect choice for studying for the CIRCC.”

Robin R.

“The online training program is excellent! Stacie does a great job of explaining the coding for each type of procedure.”

Sarah K.

“Just want to let you know that I took the CIRCC on 11.18 and passed it…the first time!!! I had no previous IR coding experience and little coding experience at all. I was going pretty much all on your course, along with coaching from my billing manager. I found the course to be very thorough in covering most aspects of the exam.”

Barbara C.

“I had looked at other Interventional Radiology courses and didn’t think I could learn from them. I saw Stacie Buck at a conference and she broke the coding down so I could understand it. I ordered the Cracking the IR Code and took the course in 3 months. I took the CIRCC exam and passed it the first time!! This was the easiest way to learn this form of coding. I highly recommend this program!”

Denise W.

“It has taken me a week to calm down from excitement to sit down and write this. I cannot begin to express my sincerest gratitude to your program for what it has helped me accomplish. I am proud to say that I aced the CIRCC with a great score all in part to your program! I was able to instantly understand the logic of all the procedures with your guidance and thorough breakdown of them. I also like that you used repetition of the important parts to ingrain things in my head. Overall, I give Rad Rx five stars and am forever grateful that you created this program!!”

Kisha W.

“When I decided to further my coding knowledge and conquer IR coding I was searching for the best program to help me with this. On a recommendation from another RadRx course follower I went with RadRx Cracking the IR code. I am so happy I did. Stacie explains every module in terms you can understand. I also like how she explains and re-explains so that you are sure to remember. Her course is easy to follow but if you do have questions you can post then on the discussion link and she is very quick to respond. I took a year to go over the course and study before taking the CIRCC exam, which I passed. But this course can be done at your own pace making it convenient to you own schedule.”

Phoebe S.

“I started taking Stacie’s Cracking the IR Code: Mastering Interventional Radiology and Cardiology Coding approximately a year ago without any IR coding experience in hopes of learning a challenging area in medical coding. I followed her instructions and guidance, and passed the CIRCC test! Her mastery of the subject is obvious in her students’ successes and I couldn’t be happier in choosing her course.”

Donna M.

“Stacie’s course really helped me understand the fundamentals of IR coding. I had a basic understanding through training at my job, but Stacie’s course helped me to understand why you can bill certain things, and why other things are excluded. The examples in each module really helped me, because I could see whether it was clicking in my brain or not. And if it wasn’t, I could always go back and start over until I did understand it. I would recommend her course to anyone looking to take the CIRCC exam. It’s more than worth it!”

Melanie J.

“Thanks a million. I could not have done this without all your help. Your course is fantastic. Three people from our office have taken it now. We all learned so much and all passed the test……The course is extremely comprehensive, yet you make it so easy to understand and grasp unlike other VIR courses I have taken in the past. Your book is so helpful I have ordered it in 2016, 2017, 2018 and will continue to use it as a great reference took in the office. If ever you need a reference, I would definitely give you and your products wonderful praises.”

Cheryl D.

“On Saturday, December 9th, I took AAPC’s CIRCC exam. It was intense……I studied using Stacie Buck’s course and book Cracking the IR Code. I would like to thank Stacie for helping me realize my dream of obtaining the CIRCC credential. It made my Christmas very merry! Her course and book are excellent material. So here is a big THANK YOU.”

Kim M.

“I would like to highly recommend the Mastering Interventional Radiology Course by Stacie Buck to anyone wishing to pass the CIRCC test or to anyone who is simply interested in coding Interventional Radiology correctly. Stacie breaks down the codes and guidelines in a way that makes them easy to understand and learn. Most of her recorded presentations walk you through step by step how to select the proper code set. She gives many quick reference guides that are easy to use for code selection. Also provided in the course are lots of scenarios and case studies for practice. Stacie also provides a group discussion forum for questions and answers if someone needs further clarification. Want the CIRCC? Get this course!!!”

Donna M.

“I highly recommend this course to those preparing for CIRCC or seeking knowledge about IR coding. Taking this course helped me not only pass the CIRCC, but also understand how to interpret op reports and know key terms and definitions when I do IR coding at work. I immensely appreciated Stacie creating this wonderful online course and her guidance. ”

Suchang Y.

In 2018 I learned that our long time Vascular coder would be leaving our department for a promotion.  I also learned that I would be taking her role in coding these cases.  I was terrified of coding Vascular cases mostly because of selective catheterization and endovascular procedures.  I started looking for some educational courses and came across Cracking the IR Code by Stacie Buck.  I read all the reviews and joined her Facebook groups RadRx.  I watched the group posts and thought about taking the course for a long time, mostly because the cost was a lot for me at the time.  I finally broke down and decided I really needed to do this for me, and I knew it would be worth every penny.  I wanted to feel like I knew what I was doing when I was coding a provider’s case.  This course was better than I could have ever imagined.  The book that came with the course is loaded with great information.  The online courses and exams were phenomenal.  I felt like I was sitting in a classroom doing a live course and not just listening to a computer recorded class.  Stacie walks through the studies with you and gives you a great understanding of what you are learning.  She was always available for questions and has just been a great resource.  If you are thinking about taking this course and this is the work you do, I say go ahead and take the plunge.  You will not be sorry.  I sat for my CIRCC and was able to pass the exam and I have this course to thank for this.  I could not have done it without Cracking the IR Code.  I once read the best investment you can make is investing in yourself.  Truer words were never spoken.

Patty B.

I just passed my CIRCC examination after finishing the “Cracking The IR Code” course and would like to give you my impressions about the course.

I spent about 10 hrs/week for 4 months intensively studying from the course material. I found the subject matter useful with comprehensive and detailed examples. There were end of chapter tests which were helpful. The book “Cracking The IR Code” has all information that you need. This course is in a self-directed and self-practiced format. I thought the price was a bit high but the end result from the course (passing the CIRCC) was worth it.

I would highly recommend this course to other people interested in passing the CIRCC certification.

Tetyana D.

I found out about Stacie’s CIRCC course on You Tube. I saw her several free webinars and liked her way of teaching. I read people’s reviews of “Cracking the IR Code”, and it made me confident in my choice. After taking her course, most people passed the difficult CIRCC exam. Now, I am one of them. I spent 3.5 months of intense studying and passed the exam with 93%. In addition, English is not my native language. I finished 100 questions on time, and I even had about 10 min to go back and review some questions. She made it possible. The course was organized easy-going way. She explained everything in details. Stacie organized several quick reference guides I could use during the exam. That saved my time!!! I spent about 3 hours every day watching her videos and going through multiple reports she provided. I think her CIRCC test with 150 questions was even more difficult than the real test. The book that I received with the course gave me even more info than I needed on exam. I highly recommend the Mastering Interventional Radiology Course by Stacie Buck! If I did it, you can do it.

Viktoryia F.