Radiology Coding Compliance Auditing Services

Are you receiving all of the revenue to which you are entitled or possibly subjecting yourself to unnecessary risk for recoupment of overpayments?

Would your coding and documentation stand up to the scrutiny of a RAC auditor or some other third party?

Our auditing experience has revealed that on average around 40% of interventional radiology encounters are either coded incorrectly or there is insufficient documentation to support services billed. Our audits reveal many instances of both underpayments and overpayments. 

A large percentage of “overpayments” can be directly attributed to insufficient documentation for the services rendered or for lack of documentation of medical necessity.

Radiology coding compliance audits are a key element in identifying reimbursement issues and other potential problems. A coding compliance audit examines the adequacy of documentation in the medical record against the accuracy of CPT code and ICD-10 code assignment. Specifically, these audits are helpful in identifying instances of lost revenue as well as potential risk areas.

Based on the findings of an audit, we will recommend corrective action and assist you in ensuring accurate coding and reimbursement for services rendered and in improving documentation processes or providing coder education.

Please contact us to discuss your auditing needs.